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3月28日上午9:30,国际自由车环台大赛第三站在桃园市政府开赛。该赛段 全长118.88公里,包括两个2级爬坡点和一个1级爬坡点,是爬坡选手大显身 手的重要赛段。

The third  stage  of the  tour de Taiwan  in Taoyuan city government began at 9:30 am on March 28th.The total length of the stage was 118.88 kilometers, including two of 2-level climbing points and a climbing point. This was an important stage for the climbers to show their talents.


赛前车队照常进行战术讨论会议,车队经理建议四位平路车手保护爬坡手玛利 西欧,直至100公里处的第二个爬坡点,玛利西欧在最后8公里进行攻击,争取 第三赛段的登山王。四位平路车手最终要在规定时间内完赛,以此保障团体成 绩。

Before the race, the team manager conducted a tactical discussion session. The team manager suggested that four flat road riders to protect the climber Mauricio until the second climb point at 100km then Mauricio attacked in the last 8 kilometers for the third stage of the King of the Mountains. The ultimate goal of the four flat road riders was to complete the race within the stipulated time to ensure team group performance.


在比赛途中,各位选手拉开的最长距离间隔是3分30秒,分成领先集团、追击 集团和主集团三部分。在90公里处,开始第二个爬坡,此时,领先集团和追 逐集团都被抓回,也正式开始了登山王和黄衫的争夺。第一个爬坡点后,车队 玛利西欧占据领先集团第一名。但在最后6公里处,玛利西欧出现机械故障, 不得不停下来处理车子,非常可惜地退出了领先集团。这时,巴尼迅速下来, 带领玛利西欧返回主集团。但此时所剩距离不多,虽然玛利西欧追回到主集团, 但还是未能挺进前十名。

In the course of the race, the leaders and peloton opened the longest distance interval was 3 minutes and 30 seconds so the riders were divided into leaders, chasers and peloton of three parts. Began a second climb at 90 kilometers, at this moment the leaders and chasers were caught by the peloton and also officially began the king of the mountains and yellow jersey of the competition. After the first climbing point, the team rider Mauricio was occupies with the leader. But in the last 6 km, Mauricio had a mechanical failure. So he had to stop to deal with his bike and it had to quit the leaders. At this time Bani came quickly to lead Mauricio to return to the peloton, but it also failed to reach the top ten.



In the following stages, the team will make the appropriate adjustments to the climbing strategy. In the Fourth stage, there are two climbing points then Mauricio will fight to win the individual championship.

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