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‪2015 Tour of Qinghai Lake Stage2: Duoba - Datong
Kump wins stage 2 while David steals the show at Qinghai Lake
Slovenian Marko Kump makes it two straight at the Tour of Qinghai Lake as American Winston David shines in 141km break…
By: Aaron S. Lee
Datong, CHINA—For the second straight day, Slovenia’s Mark Kump (Adria Mobil) sprinted to the line first on a crash-marred ‘Jingdu Natural Water’ stage 2 of the 14th ‘Qinghai Rural Credit Cup’ Tour of Qinghai Lake (UCI 2.HC).
The 26-year-old bested Ukraine’s Andriy Kulyk (Kolss-BDC) and Italy’s Mattia Gavazzi (Amore & Vita-Selle SMP), who finished second to Kump on the opening stage in Xining a day earlier, to successfully hold on to both the yellow leaders jersey and green points jersey on Monday, July 6.
“I am super delighted because of all the efforts my teammates did in the last two days,” said Kump after the race. “The wins are just one way how I can say thanks to them.”
With more than five crashes, including two mass pileups in the middle of the race and a collision inside the final 200m, the race had its fair share of causalities.
Ukraine’s Alex Surutkovych (Synergy Baku) is out with a broken arm, while Lampre-Merida general classification contender Mattia Cattaneo (ITA) crashed out of the race with no word as of yet as to the extent of his injuries. Cattaneo’s teammate Gang Xu also crashed out after separating his shoulder during a collision in the closing sprint finish. The loss of Cattaneo and Xu leave Lampre with four riders after they entered the race with just six when Mario Costa (POR), older brother to Rui, failed to receive a travel visa in time for the start. American Matt Rodrigues (AirGas-Safeway) is also out with a broken rib and scapula.
Australia’s Theodore Yates was one of four Navitas-Satalyst Racing Team riders that hit the deck. All returned to finish the race, with Yates being rushed to the hospital afterwards for X-rays. 
The day started with an initial five-man break consisting of Japan’s Genki Yamamoto (Nippo-Vini Fantini), Croatia’s Bruno Maltar (Meridiana-Kamen), France’s Matthieu Jeannes (Lupus Racing Team), and China’s Zeng Tao Yang (China Continental Team of Gansu Bank) and Shengjun Wu (Qinghai Tianyoude Cycling Team). The quintet was caught within 6km. 
From there, Ming Xing Xue (Ningxia Sports Lottery-Focus) and Winston David (Lupus Racing Team) attacked and extended a gap to 1 minute at the 33km mark.
The gap increased to more than four minutes with Xue taking the first and second intermediate sprint points, followed by David and Qiao. At 118km, only David with a gap of 2 minutes 35 seconds. The 27-year-old American claimed the third and final intermediate sprint before being reeled in with 17km to go.
“I didn’t know what it was like today,” admitted David. “But when I saw it riding with the other guy, I realised it’s way better off the front than in the field. But it was seriously are really tough day.”
With temperatures soaring to near 30C, and elevations reaching more than 2,700 metres along the 188-kilometre course that consisted of three 42.6km circuits following a 60km intro, David was in for a long day at the office.
“The altitude, distance and heat were a brutal combination,” explained David. “We went over one hill pretty hard and we were all together and then the pace slowed down. From there I just jumped and thought more people would come, but they didn’t.
“I didn’t want to spend the whole day with just one guy and by myself for most of it,” he continued. “I just keep riding as hard as I could to see if I could stay out for the stage win.”
David’s sports director (DS) was thrilled by his riders’ performances over the last two days, which included a thrilling break from newly signed Frenchman Thomas Vaubourzeix who took third overall at the race last year.
“These guys are making me so proud,” said Lupus Racing Team DS Jason Kriel. “We are overjoyed, and will be looking for more good things in the mountains.”
After two consecutive sprint stages, the 13-day UCI Asia Tour stage race heads up and over Sun and Moon Mountain, a hors catégorie climb (3,443m) midway through the 148km race from Xining to Qinghai Lake on ‘China UnionPay’ stage 3.
While Kump expects to surrender the leaders jersey in the mountains, he does not believe it is the last time he will see the podium.
“We will fight tomorrow and the day after,” said Kump. “It is not the last time Adria Mobil on the podium.”
Team sports director Bostjan Mervar agrees with his star rider.
“We cannot push the peloton all race,” said Mervar. “We must leave the jersey one day to another team and then again attack when opportunity arises.
“With at least four more sprint stages remaining, Marko can win one or two more because he says he is strongest in peloton between the sprinters,” he concluded. “He is going to win one more I’m sure.”
Stage Results:
1. KUMP Marko (ADR)
2. GAVAZZI Mattia (AMO)
3. ZANOTTI Marco (PVC)
GC(Yellow Jersey): KUMP Marko (ADR)
Points(Green Jersey): KUMP Marko (ADR)
Best Asia(Blue Jersey): XUE Mingxing (NFC)

2015 環青海湖國際公路自行車賽第1賽段
馬科爾再奪單站 成功保住黃衫
最終昨天的賽段冠軍以及黃衫得主,來自斯洛文尼亞艾德里亞莫貝爾洲際隊的馬科爾(Kump Marko)連戰連捷,憑藉突出的表現再次沖得第二賽段的冠軍;烏克蘭科爾斯隊的庫里克(Kulyk Andriy)、烏克蘭阿莫爾維塔洲際隊車手卡瓦次(Mattia Gavazzi)分列第二、第三。領騎衫方面,賽段冠軍馬科爾成功保住黃、綠兩衫;亞洲最佳車手榜上寧夏體彩福克斯洲際隊的薛明星取代此前的隊友喬峰披上藍色領騎衫。
比賽於上午10點準時開始,氣溫也隨著晴好的天氣一路走高,最高達到了27℃。車手們發車之後繼續維持了昨天鬥志昂揚的表現,大團前方動作不斷,車手之間的盯防非常緊張。直到比賽進行25公里後,來自美國盧普斯車隊的溫斯頓(David Winston)以及來自寧夏體彩福克斯隊的薛明星才突圍成功,形成兩人領先集團,並一度將與大團之間差距拉大至4分30秒,值得關注的是寧夏體彩福克斯隊的薛明星以及喬峰在今天的比賽表現搶眼,三個途中衝刺點中薛明星連奪兩個途中衝刺點第一、身著藍衫的喬峰則是連續獲得兩個衝刺點的第三。
最後階段,美國艾爾蓋斯賽福威隊的萊穆斯(Lemus Davila Luis Enrique)以及青海天佑德隊的埃德加(Ohales Nieto Edgar)嘗試搶攻無果之後,最終比賽仍舊以大團車手集體衝刺結束。斯洛文尼亞艾德里亞莫貝爾洲際隊的馬科爾、烏克蘭阿莫爾維塔洲際隊車手卡瓦次、烏克蘭科爾斯隊的庫里克、中華台北RTS森地客隊的蒂諾(Thömel Tino)等衝刺好手在終點前200米進行激烈拼搶,最終身著總成績第一黃衫的馬科爾從相對靠後的位置發力,一路超越所有對手拿下第二賽段的冠軍!
馬克西姆(Maksym Averin),阿塞拜疆國家冠軍,阿塞拜疆希耐基巴庫隊沖刺車手
“我很驕傲能穿上這件國家冠軍衫參加今年的環青海湖賽,這會督促我更努力地在賽場上去表現,向大家展示冠軍衫車手的魅力。今天的賽段難度並不十分大,我主要的任務是尋找機會突圍,並幫助隊中的主要衝刺手(Ioannis Tamouridis)取得最後的機會,他目前的整個狀態非常好。而屬於我的機會將會是在後面的機場比賽中,所以今天我的工作就是為車隊服務。”
馬克爾(Marko Kump),斯洛文尼亞艾德里亞莫貝爾洲際隊車手,本屆環青海湖賽第一、第二賽段冠軍,黃衫保有者
1、KUMP Marko (ADR)
2、KULYK Andriy (KLS)
3、GAVAZZI Mattia (AMO)
總成績黃衫:KUMP Marko (ADR)
衝刺王綠衫:KUMP Marko (ADR)
亞洲最佳藍衫:薛明星 (NFC)

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